Jia's Lemon Tree
Jia's Lemon Tree

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the waste of healthy fresh food by providing a easy-to-use platform for home gardeners to share, donate or sell their excess produce.


Fresh Homegrown was founded in April 2018 by Jia Cheng Li in Monrovia, California - a passionate software engineer and a proud new homeowner of Monrovia.

Upon moving to Monrovia, Jia noticed that many fruit trees in his neighborhood were just "bursting with" delicious- and scrumptious-looking fruit but sadly, nobody was eating it. Since he also had two overloaded lemon trees in his backyard and had already shared his fresh juicy lemons with family, friends, and coworkers but still had plenty left,  he decided to do something so his lemons could be enjoyed by others and not go to waste. Therefore, by utilizing his expertise in software development, the Fresh Homegrown platform was born.